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14 ft Trampoline

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14ft Trampoline Minimum Size for Serious Training

If you’ve got kids that are quite active and lead a whirlwind of a lifestyle, perhaps it may be worth considering a 14ft trampoline so they can channel some of that energy somewhere. If you just want your kids to get some exercise or perhaps increase their physical stamina and dexterity, a trampoline can offer much to their development. The 14ft trampoline size is just large enough for kids to even attempt and practice bouncing tricks like landing safely on their backsides or even doing mid-air flips.

How do you know if a 14ft trampoline is the right size for your kids? These are made for physically or mentally older children in mind who want to try out a few trampoline techniques or some fancy stunts. A smaller child would get lost on such a large size trampoline. It would be difficult for a toddler to even bounce on one. Instead, if you are comfortable with the risks and are keen on developing your child’s gymnastics abilities, then a 14ft trampoline is the perfect place to start. Certainly there is no mandate that you much be a serious trainer to buy a 14ft trampoline since a larger size means it allows more kids on at the same time while reducing the chance of accidents. But if you want to pull off some cool tricks then a 14ft trampoline is your minimal size requirement.

You will want to protect your young gymnast or yourself while using the trampoline by purchasing some safety add-ons like trampoline pads and a trampoline enclosure. What pads will do is cover the spring coils surrounding the trampoline mat so your child does not fall through the holes or get stick in the springs. An enclosure is a tall net that goes around the perimeter of the trampoline and prevents anyone from serious injuries like falling off onto the ground. Be safe and be sure to consider these safety precautions, especially if you are going to do complex trampoline maneuvers.

Whether you buy a 14ft trampoline just for its fun extravagant size or use it as a starting point for some more serious gymnast training, you will find it is well worth your investment. Definitely make sure you have room in your backyard first and that you have a wide area clear around it. Make sure to get the safety equipment like trampoline pads and net enclosure, and even some safety gear for your child like knee pads and helmets.

A trampoline is a great piece of equipment for your backyard and one with a 14 foot diameter gives you a large enough surface for friends and family to enjoy while not being prohibitively expensive. Using a trampoline is great exercise and great fun for all ages and something you can do with the whole family.  It’s great training for sports from gymnastics to skiing, it builds athleticism, balance and spatial ability. It’s also a fun, healthy alternative to get your family off the couch.

Ideally, your trampoline should be sturdy and safe. It should provide a good bounce. If the trampoline model you like doesn’t have a safety net or enclosure, you should definitely purchase one separately.  You should buy one that meets your weight requirements – both individually and total weight. You will need to assemble and disassemble your trampoline if you have harsh winters, so this should be easy to do. It should hold up well in sun and rain. A trampoline is a large piece of equipment, so it should fit well in your yard.

Here are some of the specific features you should be looking for in a trampoline:

  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Durable mat
  • Good bounce – check the number of springs as one measure of this
  • Safety standards and features
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Weight capacity
  • UV and water resistance

I think the best option is the Pure Fun 14 Foot Trampoline, but a close second is the JumpSport 14-Foot Softbounce. Both have strong reviews and meet most of the important features. Neither includes a safety net or enclosure, so that is an additional purchase I would consider a must have when buying a trampoline.

14ft Trampoline Buying Guide

Brings you the latest buying tips to ensure you make an informed decision when buying the best 14ft trampoline and accessories for you and your families fun and enjoyment.

Trampolines are without doubt one of the most popular and fun ways to keep you and your family entertained, fit & healthy. Due to their popularity, you can now buy them  in all shapes and sizes whether, it be a mini, a 14ft round trampoline or even an Olympic sized rectangular one. There is a choice to suit everyone’s tastes. When the summer comes they are definitely a must have for the backyard and patio.

If your thinking about buying a 14 ft trampoline there are a few things you need to consider before doing so. This can be a big investment and you have to take into consideration your families safety. The following guide will help you make a better informed decision.

Size Does Matter

A 14ft trampoline is is considered to be one of the larger sized trampolines and is more suitable for the medium to larger sized garden. In terms of width, your garden would have to allow for  a fall zone of at least 6 to 8 feet around the diameter of the steel frame. If  your backyard garden measures 15 ft then a 14 foot trampoline is too big for your garden. Your garden really needs be approximately 22 feet if it is to safely accommodate it.

Finding The Best Location

Your trampoline needs to placed on a soft to firm level surface such as a grass lawn, or a surface covered with  wood chip or bark. If your backyard & patio is made of a hard surface like concrete then it is best to ensure you place enough crash mats around the frame for maximum protection against any nasty injuries. Ensure the location of your 14ft trampoline is free from any obstructions such as branches, clothes lines, fences or outer buildings. Ensure to clear any children’s toys and bikes away from the area.

14 ft Trampoline With Enclosure

These can be purchased with or without an enclosure however, if you have a young family it is a wise choice to buy your 14ft trampoline and enclosure as one product.  Many offers already include an one however, you may have to buy them separately.

The 14ft trampoline enclosure wraps around the vertical poles that are attached to the steel frame. The netting is normally made out of a tightly woven polyethylene mesh. This safety net keeps the jumper within the jumping zone and prevents them from falling onto a hard surface and getting injured. Many  accidents can be avoided by using a safety enclosure.

Care and Maintenance

As your trampoline pad is left outdoors it needs maximum protection from the weather to prolong its life. Before buying look for a galvanized steel frame that is rust resistant. Galvanized steel is stronger and is able to cope better with the wind and rain. Another, important accessory is the jumping mat and cover. This cover also protects the safety pads, and rings that are prone to wear and tear. The cover also prevents fallen leaves, dirt, grime and bird droppings getting on to the pad saving you a lot of time needed to remove these types of stubborn stains.

Another important consideration is the springs that attach the jumping mat to the steel base. These should be oiled particularly if  you and your children have not used the trampoline for long periods as they tend to get corroded quite easily when exposed to the wind and rain. Well oiled springs ensure the jumping mat performs more smoothly and effectively, and prevents that annoying squeaking sound.


Check out the following accessories that you maybe interested before buying:

14ft Trampoline Pad – These  protect the jumper from landing or falling on the springs and hooks that are attached around the jumping mat. The round pads are made  of a weather resistant  non-abrasive polyethylene foam padding that is weather resistant and hard wearing.

Jumping Mat – This is the round  circular mat in the middle of the frame. This is commonly made of a  finely knitted water resistant material such as a  polypropylene mesh or netting. The net material is woven in a way that enables the rain to drain through the mat onto the ground below without leaving any water or residue on the surface.

Springs –Without these you won’t be able to bounce so they are the most important part of your 14ft trampoline and you should always have a few spares as the  get a lot of wear and tear. The quality of the springs has a direct effect on the jumping performance of your trampoline. Its best to ensure you buy the best you can afford. The thicker the steel the better and ensure they are made of quality galvanized steel that is rust resistant. As mentioned before, check the springs from time to time for any signs of corrosion and lubricate them with oil especially, after long periods of non use.

14ft jumpking trampoline – This is a very popular sports & outdoors product with excellent user ratings from satisfied customers. This 14 foot trampoline comes with its own 14ft trampoline enclosure which is made of a premium hard wearing nylon mesh. The Jumpkings unique over and under spring design equalizes torque resulting in a softer bounce. Its easy assembly enables two people to have it up and ready to bounce within 90 minutes. The frame is made of hardened galvanized steel that is rust resistant.

Safe Jumping Rules

The main aim is to have fun however, it is wise to lay down a few rules, especially for  the kids, to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

  • Only one person jumping at any one time.
  • Bounce in the center of the mat at all times
  • Unless you are an experienced Olympic Gymnastic Athlete, do not do flips, somersaults or tumbles.
  • When someone else is jumping stay well clear of the trampoline.
  • If the trampoline has not being in use for a long time check the springs, and other moving parts for any wear, tear, rust or corrosion 

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