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Please see below our range of accessories to help you make the most of your trampoline.

Trampoline enclosures

This is probably the most critical and important accessory to buy for your trampoline. It ranks at the top of our list because of the number of accidents that occur with trampolines every year. In fact, they are such a hazard that many insurance companies have specific rules regarding trampolines. You may even lose your eligibility for coverage if you buy one! That’s why it’s so important to be safe and take preventative measures so you don’t have to send anyone to the emergency room. A trampoline enclosure is a tall safety net that encloses the entire trampoline. It’s akin to the very tall nets you see at golf driving ranges that prevent balls from being hit out. The trampoline enclosure must be properly fitted otherwise it is useless. Also consider getting safety padding around the entire trampoline frame to further prevent any accidental bumps. Combined, these two accessories will go a long way to improving your trampoline’s safety.

Trampoline enclosures are fast becoming a neccessity rather than an accessory to garden trampolines. With more powerful trampolines becoming available it is important to ensure that users are safe at all times. One way to do this is to buy a trampoline enclosure to prevent users from falling off of the trampoline and onto the ground, nearby patio or even fencing. There are different types of trampoline enclosure to choose from, those with the saftey netting on the outer edge of the trampoline padding and those with safety net on the inner edge. Both are equally safe and will prevent users from falling off. Many of these trampoine enclosures will fit other brands of trampolines of similar specification

Products > Trampoline Enclosures

Trampoline ladder

For small children, this is great so they won’t injure themselves climbing on and off the trampoline. This is due to the fact that most trampolines are raised quite high off the ground, requiring at least 1.5ft of ground clearance. For a small child, it can be quite difficult to climb this height. It’s also great even for older children as you won’t risk hurting your feet if you trying jumping off the trampoline to get off. Having a ladder there will be easier on the feet and knees, and it may be good for your too! There are a few different types, but we recommend ladders with flat steps rather than tubular steps as they are sturdier and more comfortable to step on. This is also better when you’re not wearing shoes on the trampoline as many people like to do.

A trampoline ladder will make getting on and off your trampoline easier. This is especially the case for younger or older persons using larger trampolines that are higher off the ground. These trampoline ladders can be used on all trampolines regardless of shape or size

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Trampoline cover

Protect your trampoline. Since it’s always going to be outside, it must endure the weather, rain or shine. This means you can seriously lose some years off its use if you do not maintain it properly. There are even chances of rusting in cheaper trampolines, which can cause further risk of breaking. If you have trees nearby or a dusty climate, the weather cover will also shield your trampoline from messy cleanups so you can start using it right away. Birds are another problem, as their droppings may harden into the trampoline if not cleaned off immediately.

A trampoline cover is not really intended to protect your trampoline from the weather but is there to keep your trampoline free from debris. Leafs, tree sap, bird droppings and other garden debris can all find their way onto your trampoline, so having a trampoline cover will allow you to get trampolining without having to clear up first

Products > Trampoline Covers

  • 8ft trampoline cover
  • 10ft trampoline cover
  • 12ft trampoline cover
  • 13ft trampoline cover
  • 14ft trampoline cover
  • 15ft trampoline cover
  • Deluxe 10ft trampoline Cover
  • Deluxe 12ft trampoline Cover
  • Deluxe 14ft trampoline Cover

Trampoline Anchor Kit

An anchor kit for your trampoline will secure it down so it won’t get moved easily. This is good for a variety of reasons. If you live in a windy area or get windy seasons, you don’t want your trampoline uprooting itself and smashing into your sliding door windows or into your neighbor’s house. The anchor kit will also protect your garden as it can move around and smash the plants around it. Keep it in place and everybody’s happy.

With these four accessories, you should be well on your way to making your trampoline safer to use, easier to maintain, and best of all, a joy to use day after day. While not every trampoline accessory is absolutely mandatory, it wouldn’t hurt to completely cover the basic essentials. Get what you need and you’ll be glad you did.

Trampoline tents

Trampoline tents are a great accessory to have for your trampoline. The tent sits securely on top of the trampoline up off of the ground. This is a super idea for sleepovers or where you may not have space to erect a tent as well as having a trampoline in the garden. All the most popular sizes of trampoline are catered for

Products > Trampoline Tents

  • 8ft Trampoline Tent
  • 10ft Trampoline Tent
  • 12ft Trampoline Tent:
  • 13ft Trampoline Tent
  • 14ft Trampoline Tent
  • 15ft Trampoline Tent

Trampoline Shoe Bags

Products > Trampoline Shoe Bags

Trampoline Bounce Board

The Bounce Board is great for anyone who enjoys Skateboarding, Snowboarding or Wakeboarding! 

Now you can practice your moves and landings on your trampoline! It’s a great way for anyone who enjoys board-sports to develop and hone their skills – just take a look at the pictures of our guys. 

The Bounce Board is constructed from special closed cell polyethylene foam. This foam is strong, flexible and has great shock absorption. The board bends with the trampoline surface then returns to its original shape like a rubber band. It has smooth rounded edges that won’t rip the surface of trampolines. 

This new, soft, flexible foam practice board promises to bring the user hours of extreme fun and thrills, as different board tricks are practiced and new tricks invented. The user simply attaches the Bounce Board to their feet and begins jumping! The Bounce Board is designed for users aged 8-25 years old, but older user will enjoy the Bounce Board too. 

Products > Trampoline Bounce Boards

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