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Trampoline Instructions

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Buyers Guide for Trampolines

In recent years more and more people have become aware of the long term benefits of having a trampoline in their garden – children never seem to lose their enthusiasm for them, and parents are finding trampolining a new form of fun exercise. However, there are many different trampolines out there, and quality does vary quite considerably – this can lead to some confusion and, especially for those buying a trampoline for the first time, it can often be quite difficult to know if the trampoline you have chosen really represents good value for money. offer one of the widest trampoline ranges in the United Kingdom and we understand the differences between the various manufacturers and models very well being a trampoline specialist. Because we are not tied to any one particular range, we can offer impartial expert advice that we are sure you will find reassuring. Our sales team is always on hand to advise, help and support customers who have bought, or are interested in buying one. We can obtain spare trampoline parts for all our trampolines, as we only supply trampolines from well established companies who offer this service. This guide highlights the most important issues about buying a trampoline and offers advice on how to determine what trampoline is best for you.

Who is going to use the trampoline?

If the answer is just the children, and their friends then anything from 8ft to 10ft will be sufficient. It is important not to forget older brothers & sisters or older members of your extended family who may come around to visit – will it be used by adults? If this is a possibility then you should check that the trampoline you are considering can accommodate this.

What is the trampoline intended for?

Is the trampoline intended to keep the kids amused or there to entertain the family? If this is the case you dont need to worry to much about certain aspects of the trampoline such as spring quantity or spring size. If however you want something that little bit more powerful possibly for fitness purposes then you may want to consider a trampoline that is more highly sprung.

What to look for in a trampoline?

At we want you to get the best trampoline for the purpose it is intended for – and at a great price. We know trampolines and can safely say that there isn’t anything we dont know about them thats worth knowing. If you follow our advice you should be able to reach a decision yourself – or at least narrow it down greatly.

Trampoline Components

A trampoline consists of four main components and the following will explain the importance of each one individually.


  • This forms the main structure of the trampoline and needs to be strong to withstand the potentially huge pressures it will be under.
  • Trampoline frames are made from steel tubing, and this tubing can vary in thickness and diameter. Thicker and larger diameter tubing is stronger and is recommended where adults intend to use the trampoline.
  • Ensure that the trampoline framing is suitably protected in some way, preferably galvanised. The better trampoline frames are galvanised both on the inside and outside of the tubing.
  • Some trampoline frames are zinc plated which are not as protective.

Jump Bed

  • This is the part of the trampoline that you jump on and therefore needs to be durable.
  • A heavy duty polypropolene is now widely used for trampoline beds and offers great preformance.
  • On very cheap trampolines it may be that the weave on the bed is not as even as it should be – we do not sell these – and this can cause premature wear. The stitching around the spring hooks is also not as strong.
  • Some trampoline beds feature a central mark for users to aim for.

Frame Pads

  • Frame pads are one of the most important parts of the trampoline as they prevent users falling on the frame or springs.
  • Padding of a closed cell construction is best as this keeps water out and also maintains the shape of the pads evenly accross the trampoline at all times – ensure the padding is well stitched or welded.
  • Padding should be finished in a weatherproof material and be tear resistant – heavy guage vinyl is one of the better materials.
  • The thickness of the padding is important to look at especially as you increase the size of trampoline


  • Springs are important for several reasons and should be durable – again galvanised is far more durable than zinc plated.
  • The larger and more springs a trampoline has the more powerfull the bounce it will offer.
  • The larger and more springs a trampoline has the higher the user weight is can accommodate – but this is relative to the frame.

More and more families are becoming aware of the long term health benefits of having an outdoor garden trampoline. Children from as young as six years old can have a great deal of fun, without realising that trampolining is a great cardio-vascular activity that improves fitness, muscle growth, coordination, breathing, posture, balance, lung capacity, self confidence and vision.

There are a wide range of trampolines on the market, some very good, some not, and it makes sense to ask yourself a few questions before purchasing your trampoline. We offer a wide range of quality trampolines from some of the best manufacturers, and are happy to answer any questions you have which are not covered in our guides here.

A word about SAFETY Safety is of paramount importance to you and to us. ALWAYS read and follow the instructions in the Owners Manual supplied with each trampoline, taking particular care to observe the weight limitations. ALWAYS ensure adequate supervision, especially with younger children. Extra peace of mind can be obtained by the addition of a safety enclosure. 
All Trampolines meet and exceed ASTM and GS TUV safety standards. Do not be tricked with the EN-71 standard which some companies claim. This relates to toys, and trampolines are NOTtoys and therefore not covered by this standard.
It has been said that trampolining can be dangerous but it is no more so than any other activity involving unrestrained movement. All round trampolines are designed to pull the jumper back to the centre of the bed and have a slightly slower bounce. Rectangular trampolines are individually sprung, have a stronger bounce and are deisgned for one person use only. Before you buy think carefully about who will use the trampoline and for what purpose.
Sinking the trampoline into the ground is an option which will increase safety as well as making the trampoline less visible. You will need at least a three foot deep hole and if the water table is high you will need to provide drainage. The legs must NOT be removed as they provide strength and rigidity to the frame. If you wish to sink the trampoline into the ground please let us know at the time of ordering and we will provide you with more detailed instructions and advice.
Please, however, bear in mind that, once in the ground, the trampoline is accessible to all people and creatures, great and small, as well as inanimate objects such as wheeled toys and vehicles!
It’s very important to us that you buy the right trampoline. The age and weight guides we give are maximums; remember that children are growing rapidly. Will the trampoline be the right size for them in 3 or 4 years time? Is it really just the children that are going to use it? Few teenagers and adults can resist the urge to ‘have a quick bounce!’


Who is going to use it?
Just the children, and their friends? Don’t forget older brothers & sisters or older members of your extended family. Will it be used by adults?

What are the users’ expectations?
Is it to be just a bouncy play area for several children at once or is it for more sporting use by one at a time, i.e a young gymnast 

Weight & Age limitation
Although we give you simple weight & age limits for each model you must also consider experience, strength & skill too. The greater the height attained by the bouncer, the bigger the loading on the trampoline springs. So whilst someone may be technically under the maximum recommended weight for a particular trampoline, if they are very competent & fit, they could manage to overload the springs. If in doubt always buy bigger, you will not regret it.
Spare Parts

Always make sure that you are able to buy spare parts for your trampoline. Our experience shows that you may well need to buy the odd spring or pad after a few years (for a good quality trampoline). The manufacturers from whom we buy our trampolines are all very well established companies and offer excellent after sales and spare parts service.

Guarantees and Breakages Guarantees vary according from each manufacturer and may be different for different parts of the trampoline. Each product description gives full details of the guarantees.

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